The Disenchanted Club


A romance with Christian values and themes for young adults.

24-year-old Flora Mae Wilde has always felt at odds – disenchanted with the modern, fast-paced world.
When she sees an advertisement in the local paper inviting people to the inaugural meeting of The Disenchanted Club, she resolves to go.
There, she meets an eclectic mix of unusual characters – quirky, caring, charismatic, complex – all of whom impact her life in ways she never expects.
And when the new vet arrives in town, Flora encounters further disruptions to her quiet, simple life.


5 reviews for The Disenchanted Club

  1. hwpublishi

    It is BEAUTIFUL. It hit all the right spots for me.

    I loved the way you wrote about the angst that young love has to go through. Several times I was transported back to a few of my youthful awkward moments with boys!

    I loved the warmth and healthy teasing of the family interactions as well as the good friend interactions. The romances were just lovely too – for me you wrote all the right scenes. (I can remember thinking, “I hope she doesn’t finish there” and you didn’t! ) Angie

  2. hwpublishi

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I found myself laughing out loud at almost every second page. It was a lot of fun to read a book set in my country, written by someone who lives in New Zealand. It feels very authentic, and I really appreciated that the scenes that included farm animals were accurately written. I’ve read a lot of novels set on farms in which it was obvious that the author didn’t have any personal experience, but what happened in this one was true to life.

    I loved the way Flora’s faith came through in the story, and the way her faith grew, as well as her relationship with others. This book would be wonderful for any teenage girl, anyone who loves horse stories, and anyone who likes clean romantic comedy! I am already eagerly anticipating the author’s next book.

  3. hwpublishi

    I finished your book over the weekend & loved it! In fact, I had to keep reading it. It was beautifully written; the imagery, the emotions, all the twists & turns. I loved getting to know the characters, all their homes & pets & the influence of The Disenchanted Club. Your use of Scriptures as living Words for Flora & others as they struggled & prayed were rays of light & hope. Well done!! Gail

    As a former lecturer in both British and American literature, this is the first time I have been asked to comment on the work of a New Zealand author. I’m delighted to second all that Gail has written, and I know I can speak for us both when I say that knowing the author of this book, and hopefully many more to come, only heightens our pleasure in your delightful world, both literary and “real.” The dam has broken, so let the waters of your creativity flow far and wide. Blessings, Dr. Gene

  4. hwpublishi

    I just had to email and say how much I loved the book! I started it last night and…well…let’s just say dinner was pretty late on the table tonight as I had trouble putting it down this arvo. I so enjoyed the characters and storyline, and that it was local! You had me crying in chapter 12. The godly messages woven throughout were beautiful. I will have no hesitation recommending this book to others for an entertaining and uplifting read.
    Well done!

  5. hwpublishi

    I have just finished reading your book today. It’s fantastic, you are such a great expressive writer. Well done!! Love and blessings, Christine

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